We Are TCG and We Are Here To Help You Create A Better Tomorrow

Building on the legacy of our founder, Marcus A. Wiley, P.E., TCG focuses on our call to SERVICE. We aim to add resource value through the implementation and integration of advanced technologies. We commit to being environmentally conscious as we advance clean energy solutions.

At TCG, We Believe In SERVICE

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If you don’t make pollution, you don’t have to clean it up. Let us help solve your problem.

– Marcus Wiley, TCG

TCG Overview

Working toward a better future since 2006

TCG Global LLC (TCG) designs, builds, and sells gasification plants. Moreover, we convert any carbon-containing feedstock such as biomass, coal, petroleum coke, or municipal solid waste into Syngas. This primarily consists of hydrogen (H) and carbon monoxide (CO). The Syngas produced by this gasification process results in a clean, dry, flexible fuel. It can (1) burn to create heat and electricity and (2) pass through any of several different catalysts to produce fluids such as alcohols and transportation fuels, including clean-burning diesel. Additionally, it can (3) supply pure hydrogen gas for multiple applications.

We officially debuted in 2010. After our debut, we sought to further the commercialization of the TCG patented gasification technology. The company uses the technology use rights of Wiley Engineering, Inc. – founded in 1981. Moreover, this company provided almost 40 years of mining consulting services. They additionally work on projects in the U.S. and internationally with a specialization in coal and clean coal technology. Most recently, its focus consists of developing and constructing gasification plants. Red Lion Bio-Energy, Toledo, Ohio purchased the initial plant constructed by Wiley in 2007.

TCG Global, LLC uses patents, and pending patents of Thermo Technologies, LLC exclusively licensed to Thermo Conversions, LLC. Therefore under agreement, this provides rights to TCG Global, LLC to design, build, own, operate, and market gasification plants using the technology.

Our Executive Team

Jeff Dimick
Jeff DimickCEO
After receiving his B.S. in Math/Computer Science from Oklahoma Christian University, Jeff earned a M.S. in Theoretical Mathematics from Oklahoma State University. Jeff then spent a 27-year career in the aerospace industry at Boeing (formerly Hughes Aircraft) in Los Angeles, CA concentrating on Space & Intelligence efforts and leadership.

In January 2012, Jeff left his career in aerospace to become Executive VP at a small private university in WV serving until January 2018. Jeff then began serving Oklahoma Christian University as Chief Operating Officer followed by Chief Enrollment Officer and Chief Data Analyst. In September 2021, Jeff stepped away from OC to focus full time on an Alternative Clean Energy company leveraging the gasification technology developed by TCG Global. Jeff assumed his role of CEO at TCG Global in December 2022.

Darlene Sherrod
Darlene SherrodVP Technology
After graduating from Texas A & M University with two degrees, Darlene joined Wiley Engineering, Inc. in 1990. She provided project management, accounting and engineering services. Consequently, these led to her current position at TCG. Darlene provides executive oversight and is responsible for technology development and management of all engineering activities. Additionally, she loves spending time with her family, traveling and enjoying Colorado.
Kent Wiley
Kent WileyVP Operations
Kent has vast experience in the engineering field, continuing his family’s legacy in the industry. His accomplishments include coordinating night-shift construction of a Synfuel facility in Oklahoma and a Coal Preparation Plant in Arkansas, and Gasification plant in Colorado. Additionally, he develops a computer geologic model for a coal reserve study in Arkansas. He performs survey and mapping activities for an aggregate property in Colorado. Furthermore, Kent enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He restores classic cars, and frequently attends church and local charitable organizations. Kent graduated from Harding University.

Our Legacy

Mr. Marcus Wiley spent many years as founder, Chairman, and majority owner of TCG Global. Subsequently, he co-invented all patents underlying TCG’s gasification technology. Well known in litigation support and mine planning, Mr. Wiley’s client list includes:

MarkWiley w BG2 Cropped

Our Founder, Marcus Wiley

  • Westmoreland Resources, Inc.
  • Placer Dome America
  • Public Service Company of Colorado
  • Public Service Company of New Mexico
  • Progress Fuels Corp.
  • Tucson Electric Power
  • Western Energy Co.
  • AMAX Coal Sales
  • Arch Minerals
  • BNI Coal
  • Consolidation Coal Co.
  • Devon Energy
  • Hartshorne Carbon Co. Inc.
  • Intelligent Energy Solutions, LLC
  • Marathon Oil Co.
  • Meridian Minerals Co.

Mark Wiley’s legacy brought a considerable wealth of project development experience to TCG. During his tenure with Consolidated Coal Company and throughout his 36-year career as an independent consultant/operator in the coal industry, Mr. Wiley built and operated eight commercially successful plants. In addition, he worked on countless other projects. TCG’s staff has collectively spent decades developing and maintaining very close relationships with equipment fabricators and major EPC contractors. Moreover, TCG has the requisite experience and industry relationships to build projects ahead of schedule and under budget:

  • The current team at TCG built the first commercial gasifier (based on TCG technology) in about 12 months, starting in late 2006. Additionally, they successfully re-deployed the gasifier from Denver to Toledo in early 2008. They had the system permitted and operational in Toledo in less than 90 days.
  • In Q4 of 2011, TCG identified an opportunity to develop three refined coal facilities. All of them needed to be completed and certified as operational by December 31, 2011. Despite an industry standard of three to six months of fabrication per refined coal system, TCG designed, fabricated, installed and certified three systems in 10 weeks. Subsequently, TCG completed this task at 50% the cost of comparable systems.