We look for great people that want to make the world a better place

We always look for good candidates to fill current and future openings. Therefore, if we see the right fit, we will contact you. Additionally, to help us in this process, please provide the following:

  • Clearly identify and describe the type of position you would like
  • Provide an overview of your current and previous experience, strengths and capabilities
    • Key Responsibilities: area of expertise
    • Previous work experience: years, function, background
    • Education level/history
    • Qualifications: technical or functional skills & core competencies
    • Cultural diversity and language domain
    • Level of responsibility
    • Location (if it’s open or not for relocation)
    • Travel percentage
  • Self Assessment
    • Do a critical analysis of strengths and opportunities. Then, compare them against the job description
    • Defining what you have: your competencies and style
  • Are we right for you?
    • Learn more about our culture: mission vision & values. After that, compare to your needs and values
    • Identify why you want to work for TCG

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    Resume Tips

    • Size: No more than two pages
    • Sell your message. Briefly describe what you look for in a career (include areas of interest). Also, include what you offer (include areas, years of expertise, strengths)
    • Background:
      • Last formal education, dates & degree
      • Labor experience: Company, position, period of time, functions, accomplishments
      • Proficient skills, competencies mastered
      • Strengths or developed skills
      • Languages

    * If foreign, please mention migration status