Implementation Options

The TCG gasification process can use virtually any carbon-based material. For instance, it can use waste plastic/waste tires, petroleum coke, oil/residue, biomass, coal, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), as a feedstock. The design capacity for one TCG installed plant uses 500 tons per day of dry feedstock. Additionally, plants using high moisture content feedstocks, such as biomass, have a higher design capacity. Depending on the moisture content of the feedstock, additional water may be added. This provides the source of oxygen and hydrogen needed for the reaction.

TCG Syngas Solution Illustration: conversion from various feedstocks to multiple energy options.

With high quality coal as the feedstock, one 500 ton-per-day plant has the following range of output capabilities:

  1. Generate up to 60 megawatts of electricity or
  2. Produce up to 25,000 gallons of diesel daily or
  3. Produce up to 100,000 gallons of mixed alcohols daily or
  4. Deliver 30 million standard cubic feet of hydrogen or
  5. Supply a combination of electricity and fuel products depending on the customer’s needs.

Multiple TCG plants can be combined for a higher capacity. Additionally, it costs much less and consumes less time than a single, large conventional gasification plant.

Our Custom Solutions

In many respects, the TCG gasifier has a unique design. We can customize it based on your goals, requirements, restrictions, and more:

  • Flexible feedstock. It can use feedstock with high or low moisture content. For waste-to-energy projects, it can use waste plastics, biomass, municipal solid waste, and tire-derived fuel. Additionally, it can use virtually any type of coal. This includes low rank coals, coal high in moisture and other impurities, or a blended fuel including other organics along with coal.
  • No necessity for pulverization or slurry injection.
  • No necessity for separation and injection of oxygen.
  • Uses an injection of ionized or singlet oxygen molecules (O) to enhance the chemical reaction.
  • Capability to recycle un-reacted carbon particles back into the reactor chambers.
  • Flexible production of various mixes of gases. Demonstrated delivery of a higher hydrogen ratio than other commercial gasifiers, with Syngas levels up to 86% hydrogen. Plus, capable of varying the production of hydrogen depending upon the desired hydrogen to carbon monoxide ratio.
  • Modular design, shop fabricated. Subsequently able to be constructed offsite, disassembled, and delivered via over-the-road trucks to any remote location.
  • No necessity for ceramic refractory brick, therefore reducing cost, maintenance requirements, and downtime.

Demonstrated Technology

A reference plant based on TCG technology was manufactured to handle in excess of 175 tons per day of coal or petroleum coke. Originally, it commercially operated in 2007 in Denver. Once purchased and moved to The University of Toledo, TCG dismantled, shipped, and placed it back into operation in less than 90 days. Therefore, this proved the portability features of the plant.

In 2021 TCG built a 500 ton per day biomass to syngas plant to be integrated with a liquid fuels production facility.