We commit to a better, cleaner future

Our vision is a simple one:
Creating, innovating, and integrating clean energy solutions
through the deployment of exclusive technologies.

Where there is energy, there is growth. TCG helps solve energy demands across the globe by providing affordable, sustainable energy solutions through transportation fuels, power, and specialty chemicals.

Did You Know?

  • We dump about 80 million tons of coal waste annually
  • We scrap approximately 300 million tires in the US every year
  • Inhaling air pollution takes away at least 1-2 years of a typical human life
  • Toxic air pollution poses a greater threat to children, due to their smaller physical size and lung capacity
  • Air pollution in China can travel as far as the Central Valley of California
  • Rising levels of air pollution in Beijing have brought a new disease – “Beijing cough”
  • We can dump more than 55 million liters of untreated effluent (sewage) into the ocean around Cape Town, South Africa in a single day
  • The marine sewage outfalls in Camps Bay and Green Point, Cape Town already exceed their licensed capacity
  • We discard 5 billion gallons of waste motor oil worldwide every year
  • Coastlines face these problems on a daily basis including those close to major cities such as SydneyBarcelona, and New York
  • Over the past decade, wildfires grow larger and more severe due to a changing climate, intense drought, property development, and a build up of quick-to-ignite forest debris

TCG is committed to helping solve this global problem.

Through gasification and emissions reduction, we know that we can tackle this once and for all. Using our patented process, we can cleanly convert carbon into usable energy sources while reducing air pollution.

Gasification and emissions reduction process illustration.

Many others attempted to address the growing concern of global pollution in the past. However, the risks and challenges outweighed an ideal solution. At TCG, we finally eliminated or significantly mitigated the three areas of greatest concern:

  1. Environmental RiskLow. While TCG’s solutions do not eliminate environmental impact as a result of an established utility or plant, we significantly reduce the environmental impact of the facility. Also, implementing solutions that TCG provides does not cause additional or peripheral environmental risk. Instead, our projects create a real and sustainable way to reduce pollution.
  2. Project Risk – Minimal. If for some reason the objectives of a project are not met, Capital equipment can often be redeployed for ANY other project in the pipeline that will generate a comparable return.
  3. Financial Risk – Low. Capital raised for projects will only be used for a bankable project. Therefore, the risks of not generating the expected returns are low.