We commit to a better, cleaner future

Our vision is a simple one:
Creating, innovating and integrating clean energy solutions
through the deployment of exclusive technologies

Where there is energy, there is growth. TCG helps solve energy demands across the globe by providing affordable, sustainable energy solutions through transportation fuels, power, and specialty chemicals.

Did You Know?

TCG is committed to helping solve the global pollution/emissions problem.

Through gasification and emissions reduction, TCG can tackle this once and for all. Using our patented process, we can cleanly convert carbon into usable energy sources while reducing air pollution.

TCG gasification process3 23

The TCG patented process mitigates the three areas of greatest concern:

  1. Environmental RiskLow. TCG’s solution works to eliminate environmental impact as a result of an established utility or plant, we significantly reduce the environmental impact of the facility. Also, implementing solutions that TCG provides does not cause additional or peripheral environmental risk. Instead, our projects create a real and sustainable way to reduce pollution.
  2. Project Risk – Minimal. The flexibility of TCGs design accommodates various feedstocks and resulting offtake with minimal design changes to the TCG equipment. This allows the project to be viable fs feedstock or offtake changes occur.
  3. Financial Risk – Low. Since capital raised will be used for bankable projects; therefore substantial returns are expected