Our Patented Processes

The TCG gasification process integrates several individual technologies to convert carbon-containing feedstock to Syngas. Thermo Technologies, LLC owns the patents and pending patents underlying the gasification technology. Additionally, Thermo Conversions, LLC licenses them. TCG Global has an agreement to develop, own, and operate gasification plants. Similarly, TCG’s technology relies on seven individual U.S. patents. This totals over 800 claims. Also, a South Africa patent protects the identical technologies and set of claims. 

TCG has NOT authorized any other entity or individual to exclusively represent or market the technology. Therefore, please contact TCG directly if you have questions or concerns regarding utilization of the TCG Technology.

A TCG Process Schematic Example

Additional BENEFITS

  • Multi-fuel capable gasification technology produces clean Syngas
  • Carbon-rich feedstocks such as solid fossil fuels, MSW or biomass produces Syngas
  • Emission compliant for SOx, PM, Mercury, and others
  • High thermal conversion yields low CO2
  • Syngas serves as substitute fuel gas
  • Proprietary gas and water clean-up system
  • Syngas produced is Fischer-Tropsch and other catalytic processes-ready